Miniscrew-Assisted Rapid Palatal Expansion, also referred to as MARPE, is a cutting-edge orthodontic technique aimed at correcting certain types of dental and skeletal discrepancies in the upper jaw, known as the maxilla. These innovative appliances are used to correct a small jaw in adults (maxillary hypoplasia). A small upper jaw can be expanded easily with a simple appliance and by using the permanent teeth as an anchor when the patient is young due to the maxillary sutures not being fully matured.

However, once the patient becomes an adult, the upper sutures are fully matured and it requires stronger anchors (stronger than teeth) to open the suture. The traditional approach for upper jaw expansion for an adult patient is to have upper jaw surgery called SARPE (Surgically Assisted Rapid Palatal Expansion) where the maxillary sutures are surgically released, allowing the upper jaw to be moved with an expander. At Metro West Orthodontics & Periodontics, we provide an alternative treatment to the traditional SARPE procedure. We use mini implants as an anchorage to apply pressure to the palatal suture to open it. It takes minimally invasive periodontal surgery to place the mini-implants and the patient can be either fully sedated or undergo the procedure under local anesthetics.

This technique is known for its precision and effectiveness, as the use of mini implants allows for a controlled and gradual expansion process and can be tailored to your individual needs of each patient, ensuring optimal results and maintaining the integrity of the patient’s dental and facial structure. MSE treatment produces significant benefits, allowing patients to enjoy improvements in both their appearance and their overall health, including improved breathing, better tooth alignment and a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

MARPE Post Op Instructions

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