Pocket Reduction Surgery

About Red and Swollen Gums

Red or swollen gums are typical signs of gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. The level of severity may vary from patient to patient, but the lack of proper dental care will typically cause gum disease in the form of pain or discomfort in your gums. It is typically caused by build up of plaque or tartar and can leave your gums susceptible to infection.

Pocket Reduction Surgery

The inflammation from gum disease causes the gum to recede away from the tooth, creating a “pocket.” A healthy pocket is typically 1 to 3mm long, and any pockets deeper than that are unhealthy because it is difficult to keep it clean, and may need surgery to correct the issue.

Pocket Reduction
Pocket Reduction
Pocket Reduction

Pocket reduction surgery can be performed to reduce the depth of the pocket and restore any receding gums. The gum tissue is folded back to remove any bacteria that may be causing the inflammation or disease, and then is folded back into place. This helps reduce the chance for bacteria to build up in the future and restore your gum health.

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