What Are Metro West Seminars?

In 2010, Dr. Takanari Miyamoto and Dr. Taera Kim founded Metro West Seminars to provide quality advanced continuing education, with the goal of improving treatment, communication and clinical experiences for dentists in Nebraska and around the globe. Dr. Miyamoto and Dr. Kim remain actively involved in continuing education and clinical research as directors, participants and educators, assisting countless dental professionals in learning implant treatment planning, procedures, orthodontic care, comprehensive restorative dentistry and more. To learn more about their academic and professional backgrounds, please visit the biography pages for Dr. Miyamoto and Dr. Kim on our website.

Metro West Dental Seminars is offering educational opportunities for dentists to advance the quality of multidisciplinary comprehensive dental therapy, patient care and doctor satisfaction. These courses incorporate hands-on experience and are designed for professionals interested in dedicated several days to expand their clinical acumen and skills. Please follow the link below for more detailed information about upcoming seminars and events:

Metro West Seminars