Pearl is an AI-based software used to enhance the precision, efficiency and effectiveness of your treatments. This platform, powered by cutting-edge machine learning and computer vision, offers our periodontists and orthodontist unparalleled diagnostic and treatment planning tools. Using this technology, we can identify a wide range of dental conditions quickly and accurately, supporting your diagnosis and treatment plan with real-time radiologic analysis and practice intelligence.

Pearl offers:

  • GAN-Based Enhancement – Generative Adversarial Network pre-processors enhance images, ensuring that radiologic analysis can be completed.
  • Segmentation – Computer vision segmentation models distinguish individual tooth parts and supporting structures, giving greater insight into the nature and extent of your oral condition.
  • Detection – Image pre-processors and expertly trained radiological machine vision models detect pathologic, restorative and anatomical features.
  • Mensuration – Detection and segmentation capabilities work together to assess the size and scope of decay and other issues.

The AI solutions provided by Pearl are designed to integrate seamlessly with the existing workflow here at Metro West Orthodontics & Periodontics, improving your treatment outcome. By adopting Pearl’s technology, we can ensure that we are providing you with the highest standard of care, backed by the latest in dental AI research and development.

For more information about Pearl in La Vista, Nebraska, and to schedule a consultation with Dr. Takanari Miyamoto, Dr. Taera Kim or Dr. Melissa Lang, please contact our office at 402-614-7022. You can also visit the Hello Pearl website directly here.