We understand the importance of protecting your teeth during physical activities, especially sports, where dental trauma is prevalent. Dental injuries are among the most common sports-related injuries, whether you are engaging in high-contact sports like football or soccer, or even non-contact sports like basketball or gymnastics. Sports mouth guards are even beneficial for athletic activities like rock climbing and mountain biking! For this reason, we offer custom sports guards as a vital service to our patients.

While you can purchase generic athletic mouth guards at many sporting goods stores, these appliances will never be as effective or as comfortable as a custom-made sports guard. Our meticulously crafted sports guards provide maximum protection and comfort, tailored specifically to fit your unique dental anatomy. Wearing a custom sports guard significantly reduces the risk of dental injuries such as broken or knocked-out teeth, fractured jaws and soft tissue damage, preventing potential long-term dental issues and costly treatments.

Schedule an appointment with us today to get fitted for your custom sports mouth guard in La Vista, Nebraska, and stay protected while you play your favorite sports. Your smile deserves it!

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