Surgically facilitated orthodontic therapy (SFOT) is a surgical procedure performed under the gums to add bone prior to orthodontic treatment. This type of care combines periodontics with orthodontics, preparing the jaw bones for tooth movement in order to ensure the most effective orthodontic experience possible. SFOT is often used alongside other periodontal treatments, such as soft tissue grafting or bone grafting, to ensure that your jawbone is a strong foundation for your teeth.

SFOT is usually recommended for patients who are receiving orthodontic treatment but have issues that would make their treatment process longer than desired or who would require a tooth extraction or dental expansion prior to beginning treatment. SFOT helps develop and preserve bone volume around the teeth to ensure that all your teeth fit and align properly.

When you receive SFOT, our periodontists will first apply local anesthesia or other sedation to ensure your comfort. They will then make small incisions into the gums to expose the underlying bone, which is carefully reshaped and repositioned using specialized instruments. This creates an optimal environment for tooth movement during orthodontic treatment. Following your procedure there will be a healing period, during which new bone will form around the treated areas, ensuring stability and strength.

Dr. Takanari Miyamoto and Dr. Melissa Lang will collaborate with our orthodontist, Dr. Taera Kim, throughout both our SFOT procedure and your orthodontic treatment to monitor your progress, make any adjustments necessary and ensure your teeth are moving properly into their optimal positions.

SFOT offers many benefits. Perhaps the greatest benefit of this procedure is the fact that it greatly reduces treatment time – in fact, patients who receive SFOT can expect more than 50% less time wearing braces or other orthodontic appliances. A shorter treatment duration means fewer appointments and less disruption to your daily life.

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