At Metro West Orthodontics & Periodontics, we are committed to providing treatments designed around precision, efficiency and patient comfort. We utilize innovative technologies like iCam photogrammetry to achieve this goal. The iCam system harnesses advanced photogrammetric and structured light scanning techniques to offer a seamless approach to dental measurements and impressions. With iCam photogrammetry, our team can capture the most accurate data related to the gums, mouth, teeth and implants, simplifying the impression-taking process and enhancing our standard of care.

Technological Breakthrough

The iCam4D system embodies a technological breakthrough in dental care, blending the best of photogrammetry and structured light scanning in a compact, handheld device. Its development focused on creating a system that is not only highly precise but also operator-independent and is easy to use. The meticulous design of the device, along with the user-friendly software interface, exemplifies our commitment to enhancing both the clinical and patient experience through technology.

Chair-Side Efficiency and Predictability

For Dr. Takanari Miyamoto, the adoption of iCam photogrammetry transforms the once complex and time-consuming task of taking impressions for multi-implant structures into a swift and straightforward procedure. This reduces the amount of time patients spend in the chair and material costs, as well as gives the assurance of a perfect fit. Best of all, this efficiency does not compromise quality; rather, it ensures a predictable outcome that is independent of the operator’s skill level, heralding a new era of consistency in dental restorations.

Enhanced Patient Experience

Patients stand to benefit immensely from the integration of iCam photogrammetry into their treatment journey. The discomfort and stress often associated with traditional impression methods are markedly reduced, thanks to the rapid and comfortable procedures enabled by the iCam4D. The technology’s ability to perform measurements with minimal adjustments to mouth positioning not only enhances patient comfort but also potentially shortens treatment times through the feasibility of early load protocols. The precise fit of the final restoration further underscores the patient-centric advantages of iCam photogrammetry, promising an improved overall treatment experience.

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