Temporomandibular dysfunctions, also known as TMJ disorders or TMD, are often the cause of jaw pain. The source of TMJ disorders and other jaw pain is multifactorial and sometimes difficult to isolate to a single issue. TMD can be caused by parafunctional habits such as dental clenching and grinding, muscle imbalance, degenerative changes of the condyle, disc displacement, occlusal imbalance, stress and other factors.

There are many treatment options; however, the key to successful outcomes is proper diagnosis and determining the main cause of the dysfunction. To determine hard tissue issues, Dr. Taera Kim recommends CBCT imaging to evaluate the bony changes such as degenerative changes of the condyle, osteophyte formation, asymmetry and other functional issues. If the hard tissues are within normal limits, Dr. Kim recommends MAGO (Maxillary Anterior Guided Orthotics) to address parafunctional habits, occlusion and muscle imbalances.

Common signs of TMD include:
• Grinding, clicking or popping sounds when you move your jaw
• An inability to open your mouth widely when speaking, yawning or chewing
• A locked or stuck jaw
• Pain when chewing and biting
• Pain in the neck, shoulders or ears
• Frequent headaches
If you notice any of these signs, please reach out to our orthodontist and team. We are committed to identifying the source of your TMD so you can receive a treatment tailored to your needs.

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