Sinus lifts, also known as sinus augmentation surgery, are key for patients looking to enhance their dental health and aesthetics through implants but lack the necessary bone structure in the upper jaw. This sophisticated procedure plays a pivotal role in preparing the area for successful implant placement by addressing the bone deficit near the sinus cavities.

The upper jawbone, particularly the area behind the cheeks and above the upper teeth, is one of the most challenging spots for dental implantation due to its proximity to the sinus. Natural bone loss can occur due to various reasons, including periodontal disease, tooth loss and the natural aging process. When the bone beneath the sinus is insufficient, a sinus lift becomes an essential precursor to implant surgery. By elevating the sinus membrane and adding a bone graft, this procedure effectively increases the bone’s height and width, creating a sturdy foundation for future implants.

A sinus lift involves a detailed and careful process where our skilled periodontists make an incision in the gum tissue of the upper jaw. The tissue is gently lifted, exposing the bone underneath. A small, precise window is then created in the bone to access the sinus membrane, which is delicately lifted upwards. The space created is filled with a bone graft material, which could be sourced from the patient, a donor or made from synthetic substances. The graft integrates with the existing bone, forming a solid base for implants.

The benefits of a sinus lift extend beyond merely enabling dental implant placement. This procedure significantly improves oral health and functionality, offering a long-term solution for those suffering from bone loss. It restores the natural contour of the jaw and face, which can be affected by bone degradation, enhancing both oral function and facial aesthetics. Moreover, by facilitating the successful integration of dental implants, a sinus lift contributes to improved chewing ability, speech clarity and overall dental health.

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